Nakpangi Johnson


Organizer, Lead Curator

Research toxicologist focused on investigating the preclinical safety of new medicines.  Fashion lover and avid traveler who’s visited over 30 countries and counting. Pangi can can often be found gazing at maps and daydreaming of faraway places.

Georgiana Pierre-Louis


Co-Organizer, Lead Curator and Speaker Coach

Organizational communications consultant by day, and mom to two amazing humans all the time.  When not working, Georgiana can be found engaged in online communities of entrepreneurs, listening to audiobooks, or experimenting with her Instant Pot.

Garret Weigel


Webmaster, Social Media Lead and Curator

Expert in scalable, data-driven marketing strategies who aims to work with organizations who are changing the world through technology and people. An avid runner, a coffee fiend, and adopted parent of 2 crazy kittens.

Stacy Raine


Curator and Speaker Coach

Communication strategist who helps leaders create compelling content that engages, connects and inspires audiences for their mission. Stacy loves exploring the outdoors with her family, great conversations and collecting plants.

Stephanie Lamprea


Lead Performance Curator

Professional opera singer, specializing in avant-garde and contemporary classical music. Stephanie aspires to be an architect of new sounds and expressions as a performer and curator. She loves cooking meals for friends and swing dancing.

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