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Team Opportunities | TEDxWaltham

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Creating a local TEDx event is a great opportunity to help shape the conversations in Waltham, and give a broader platform to the innovative, yet unheard voices in our community.  We want the world to hear our "ideas worth spreading" and we want to bring new ideas into our city.

We are a team of volunteers, seeking new members to fill some specific roles, and are happy to speak with you if you want to help in other ways.  Just let us know!

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Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Currently seeking:

Webmaster & Email Marketing Lead

Would you like to get visibility for your web work and build your portfolio?  We are looking for a webmaster with Wix experience to join our team and work in close collaboration with members of our team to help us maintain and develop a simple, engaging, and informative website consistent with the TED brand, and reflective of the innovative and diverse community we seek to bring together.  A successful candidate would also be able to help with back-end email integration to keep our community engaged and informed.

Social Media Lead

Do you like to keep people updated? We are looking for someone to maintain our social presence by sharing our videos, open positions, and more. Estimated time would depend on your level of experience, with 1-2 hrs/week most weeks, and more time required around our event dates for promoting our event, driving ticket sales, and increasing the reach of our talks after the events.

Ticketing Manager

Help us get people to our event!  While our event is small, at 100 attendees (for now), we want their experience to be seamless, from the moment they purchase their tickets, until after they leave our dynamic event.  If you have experience running events or integrating ticketing with other channels (email list, website, social, etc.), please join our team.

Fiscal & Sponsor Lead

While we have two incredible events under our belt, we are still a small, tight-knit, baby volunteer organization.  Do you have expertise in starting a Massachusetts nonprofit?  Would you like to help lead and develop an organization through the startup stages into a thriving operation?  Please join us and help us establish our fiscal roots, guide us through the  501c3 incorporation process, and manage our accounting and sponsorship agreements.   

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